Inexpensive Quality Medical Care For The Uninsured

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Dear Community Physicians and Health Care Providers,

It is common knowledge that approximately 40 – 45 million Americans do not have health insurance, and thereby cannot maintain basic health care. Less well known, is that approximately 30% of Americans are under-insured (to include not having basic Maternity benefits). Additionally, we all know a familiar story of a friend, family member, or stranger who suddenly found themselves without health insurance due to a minor change in their financial or employment status. 

At See Baby, LLC we are more than happy to provide the best in health care for the pregnant patient, who does not have health insurance, or to their amazement, find themselves under-insured. See Baby’s experienced and highly qualified staff of Sonographers, Physician Assistant, and board certified Perinatologist will fill the “gap” in health care coverage that many citizens are subjected to. For all patients, at all socioeconomic levels, high quality Perinatal care is being provided at a cost sensitive fee. The working model at See Baby is to utilize technology smartly, yet provide “high touch” care seamlessly to your patients. Our fees for our citizenry are simple and clear: $60.00 for targeted fetal ultrasound examination & $120.00 if a Perinatologist consultation is requested (includes ultrasound examination). Patients with commercial insurance plans will be directly processed by See Baby to insure their coverage is appropriately applied. 

We at See Baby truly believe that all patients should have access to high quality health care, delivered by a dedicated, experienced staff in a comfortable environment. Furthermore, we understand that historically, health insurance plans such as that provided by the Georgia CMO’s is NOT adequate to cover the administrative cost to service its members. However the $60.00 paid by our uninsured & under-insured patient is more than adequate. The simplicity of this model is greatly appreciated by the patients and referring providers alike. Thereby, the care of the pregnancy can be provided, and the referring provider’s liability is significantly reduced. 

Also, what is common knowledge are the fees charged by Perinatologist in the metro Atlanta area to the “self pay” patients for fetal ultrasound and consultation: $400.00 - $600.00. A fee, we at See Baby view as a barrier to health care and an economic burden to the patient. In closing, we at See Baby encourage you to allow your pregnant patients to Experience Excellence, and not let the artificial barrier of economics discourage them from doing so.

Thank you,

Brad S. Bootstaylor, MD, FACOG